Clickbait Is Destroying Your Brand! Here's Why!

They said CLICKBAIT was bad for YOUR BRAND! What happened NEXT will BLOW YOUR MIND!!

Clickbait is really nothing more than hyperbole filled headlines promising to drop our jaws, bring us to tears and, yes, blow our minds. It preys on all kinds of psychological weakness. While clickbait may attract folks, using it for your company may actually be hurting your brand. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Clickbait Is Designed to Disappoint
    The kitchy titles can bring in gobs of clicks... but rarely does that content truly, "restore our faith in humanity". Or show you, "23 Wonderful Free Summer Idea's If You Are A Honey Bee". Wouldn't that be fun? It'd be great.
  2. You Shouldn't Need It
    You don't need to fake your content, just be yourself! Be who your company is. You don't see Apple, for example, throwing out articles detailing, "6 1/2 Ways the iPhone Can Make Delicious Ice Cream". (And no, there isn't actually an app for that).
  3. The Risk Isn't Worth the Reward
    The name "clickbait" was coined because that's actually all those punchy titles generate... JUST CLICKS. But a click doesn't guarantee you that the person read or watched anything. At the end of the day, "being trendy", or, "going viral" are poor replacements for the real key to better business:  strong relationships.

Do you want to blow peoples minds? BE AUTHENTIC! Tell YOUR story.

Hunter Smith