How To Get The Most From YouTube

If you've got a video, putting it on YouTube is a no-brainer. However, YouTube is more than just an easy hosting website... here are five reasons that you should use it:

1)  YouTube Has Better SEO Results
YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world, beat out only by it's owner, Google. And if you want your content to be at the top of any Google search, YouTube is a great place to start. Think about it like this:  Google wants people to use YouTube, they own it! So use that to your advantage!

2)  YouTube Is Better for Linking/Embedding On Associated Websites
YouTube is the best native hosting platform to share links on other platforms by a long shot. Not only does this further promote organic content, but it makes the Google happy that you are spreading out their links all over the interwebs. If you want the more "data-heavy" reasons why, check out our free guide, "The Secret To Measuring Your Video's ROI".

3)  YouTube Allows You To Make Playlists
This feature is literally designed to be simple for both users (you) and your viewers (aka: the people you want to watch your videos). Playlists (like this one) allow you to guide your viewers through a more linear viewing experience and, hopefully, pushing them to watch more of your content.

This kind of organization is important, especially if you have multiple types of videos all coming out at once. For example, if you're making VLOG's, TV Spots, and tutorials all at the same time, this system keeps your customers from having to sort through a big video pile.

4)  YouTube Likely Works Better for Your Demographic
Not everyone is old enough or young enough to have a presence "on the grid". In other words, not everyone has a profile for every social network you are using to distribute content. This is where YouTube wins: it doesn't require you to have an account to watch videos. That means that anyone can access your content with just one click.

5)  YouTube's Analytics Are Tracked By Googles Powerful "Google Analytics" System
Yes, you heard that correctly. The exact same folks currently giving you all that rich data on clicks, time spent on page, where viewers came from and went next, what people are and aren't searching for and basically controlling your online destiny are the same people (who offer the same tools) for YouTube's analytics. That means the metrics on your video's are highly specified.

A huge part of marketing is identifying which mediums work best for your business and tracking your ROI. And we want to help, so, download the free guide below for some specifics on how to track your video's ROI!

Hunter Smith