Internal Video Builds $$

We love making video, and for several weeks we’ve been pumping up the benefits of consistent video content, but there are several more ways that you can utilize video beyond your social media platforms. Regardless of what you're currently doing with video, your main goal is to engage an audience, deliver strong content and increase your revenue. And when done right.. you can take your footage and craft messages both internally to your company and externally to new people you want to reach. Here are some of the most popular ways:

1)  Employee Training
Think about it like this:  How much money do corporations spend each year on training or teaching processes? The answer is, a lot... too much. The same guy has to tell everybody the same message over and over again. That’s like a caveman going from village to village. It gets old for him and for those listening.But With video, the solution is simple: Your rockstar trainer delivers a fresh message on video and then everyone gets the same consistent training that’s essentially already been paid for. 

2)  Lobby Videos
A quality video playing in your lobby or work-place builds brand equity with customers as they enter your business. It ensures that your customers are more informed just by sitting in your office. Remember, marketing is about consistency.

3)  Live Corporate Events
This helps employees connect with each other and your brand on a personal level. It helps build enthusiasm, helps inform and entertain while ultimately improving morale and your bottom line. It’s telling your story. to your people, and that’s always fun.

PS:  Incase you didn't realize, Mark got a new tattoo.

Hunter Smith