Know Your Customer

One time Mark was in a restaurant with our Producer, Keith. They ate their lunch and then proceeded to wait for their bill. They waited... and waited... and waited... the server even walked by them a couple of times until they finally couldn't take it anymore. So they tracked her down and said, "Excuse me, we're ready to pay our bill now." She replied in a high-pitched squeaky voice, "Oh! Are you my customer?!"

CRAZY! Now, perhaps it was just one of those off-moments... or perhaps it was just complete incompetence. Either way, it doesn't really matter. The damage was already done and that moment has become a reminder for content marketing:  NEVER FORGET YOUR CUSTOMER!

Here are three quick things to help you be more customer-oriented and audience-driven:

1)  Know Your Customer
You have to get to know them. What are their needs, wants, and fears? What makes them tick? We're talking everything from demographic and psychographic down to the more emotive and relational reasons why your target market buys what you do.

1)  Serve Your Customer
They don't exist to serve you, you exist to serve them. Bring some value to their experience! You're not communicating at them (hopefully), you're talking with them.

1)  Remember Your Customer
If you give your customers a bad experience, you will most likely never get them back. And that rings true in every industry... from waiting tables to making videos.

And guess what? Mark and Keith never went back to that restaurant. It's now closed.

Hunter Smith