Making "Friends" With Facebook

Let's not sugar-coat it... your company NEEDS a social media presence. But how does adding your video to Facebook help?

Facebook uses algorithms that track click numbers as well as time spent after the click (aka: duration of view). When that algorithm detects that people are clicking on articles but not reading them, they drop the priority of the link severely limiting their circulation. That's not good. So there are two take-aways from this:

  1. Have content worth watching
  2. ...and two, have more content worth watching!

Jokes aside, here are three primary benefits of Facebook Video Marketing (from a distribution perspective):

  1. Facebook Distributes Good Video's To Large Audience Cost Effectively
    If you can keep people clicking through your content, Facebooks algorithims, in layman's terms, flag it as interesting, and distribute it to a wider audience -- for free! That's because Facebook wants you and everyone else to keep using Facebook and organically sharing good content is the best way for them to do just that. This is done primarily through a very abrupt auto-play feature. As fast as the next video can load, it plays! This is why having an established video campaign is a BIG bonus.
  2. Facebook Offers Incredibly Comprehensive Metrics
    But don't forget about the metrics! Facebook offers plenty of hosting options and mechanics to better track all of the aforementioned in your videos. Everything from how many times your video was clicked on, how many of those individuals finished the entire video, and whether or not your video was found organically or through a paid promotion (more on that later).
  3. Facebooks Platform Is Customizable... and There Are NO EXTRA AD'S!
    Yup you heard that correctly. NO EXTRA AD'S. Remember all of those obnoxious pre-roll videos that play right before 95% of anything you actually want to watch on YouTube? They don't exist on Facebook's platform which means that your audience doesn't get that, "awh that's annoying I've lost interest" moment and stop watching your content.

    The other benefit is that, when a video marketing campaign is being run correctly, people don't realize that, surprise-surprise, they are watching videos that indirectly DO advertise YOU! And people will watch them if they don't view them as ads, but instead as content they are interested in. And with Facebook's rich data on such an enormous number of people, you can key in your target demographic and Facebook will drop your video off right at their online door-step.
Hunter Smith