How Color Affects Memory

How do you organize your apps on your phone? By function? Frequency of use? about by color?

Several studies of learning behaviors have shown a strong connection between design and long term memory. That doesn't mean throwing color, splash, and pizzazz everywhere will, by default, equal higher retention rates. In fact, color can be forgettable too if used incorrectly. What's important is a little thing called Multisensory Learning - and it's the reason video works so well as a marketing tool.

Multisensory Learning
Video is like a puzzle. It presents you, the viewer, with a bunch of information all at once, forcing you to sort it out. You see it... and you hear it. Your brain takes input from those varied senses, analyzes it, sorts it, and stores it - sound goes here, colors go there, facts and information go right here. Oversimplified, but you get the point.

Part of a good video and frankly good marketing is finding ways to make brains prioritize memories of your products. A strong link between powerful stimulation is the best way to do that. Marketing is all about helping people remember YOU. That's why we use catchy slogans, bright colors, and jingles all to get inside people's heads... but how do their heads really work?

When your brain sees or hears something, it makes a memory - called a nerve synapse. The more frequently and consistently they fire, the easier that path becomes to travel. Similar to clearing a path through a forest. In other words, the more senses you can intrigue at one time (visual, auditory, possibly even getting someone to read while they watch and hear), the better chance you have at creating a memory. And these memories are just more likely to be made, they are generally more vivid and longer lasting as well.

When the brain sees and hears at the same time there are two pathways created to the same memory from different areas of the brain, potentially making that memory twice as strong. That is multisensory learning.

So you want your company to heard and felt? Video is storytelling. It's an art! Textures, sound effects, lighting, music! So give us a call, we'll even help you organize your apps (maybe)!

Hunter Smith