So You Made A Video! Now What?

  1. Cross Promote
    That means share your video link across all of your social channels. Not some, all. There are plenty of ways to find and target your exact buyer (more on Facebook specifically next week) -- so take advantage of every opportunity these mediums afford you!
  2. Buy Some Love
    Targeted adds, PPC, and other paid distribution can work really, really well. We recommend two thoughts before you whip out the wallet, though. First, ensure that the add worked well organically. If your primary audience didn't enjoy it, there's a really good chance your prospect pool won't either. And second, BE TARGETED. That means be as specific as possible in your demographic profile... it doesn't matter if 8 million people watched your video if none of them are buyers.
  3. Don't Be a Stranger
    Be active in your community! The point is that your action will beget their action and people do business with people, not businesses. So, don't act like your friend Billy who never likes or comments or shares anything unless he benefits from it directly... be social and treat your channels with a little touch of humanity! A pragmatic take-away:  make an effort to spend 10-15mins per day engaging with your community.
Hunter Smith