Sound Affects Content

Your music choice MATTERS! How do you want your audience to feel? Happy? Upbeat? Serious? The mood and emotion of your music will take your audience there. And while all the elements in your video are important to supporting your message, it really is the music that can have the most immediate impact. Here are some reasons why:

Music Can Shape our Behavior
A well-known 1997 study demonstrated that when German music was played in a wine store, people bought more German wine, but when French music was played, they bought more French wine.  One of those same researchers later showed that the style of music even influences the taste of wine.  

Sound Shapes the Theme of Your Branding
It creates excitement or immediate identification. It affects the way we behave and makes us feel something. It delivers oodles of mood and emotion. If it’s done right (like Hitchcock's Rear Window), you can make a three-minute project feel like one.

You Can Close Your Eyes... But It's Really Hard to Close Your Ears
Sound is one of the most effective ways to help establish a personal connection with your brand and your customers. If you ignore sound, you may perhaps asking the same impact question as Marvin the Martian. "Where's the Kaboom? Where's the earth shattering kaboom?"

Hunter Smith