Your Video IS NOT Like Pizza

Did you know video grows business? Lead generation is the single most important part of any marketing effort. Without leads, there is no one to sell to, which equals zero sales, zero money and zero work. Zero Mostel. Coke Zero. Chris Brown Zero - whole lotta nothing going on - and then the next thing you know, old Jed's a millionaire and not you.

But that's where video comes in to help you build your business. Video is one of the most effective methods at generating leads for businesses, regardless of the industry. Here's why:

People Watch Videos... A LOT
They really do! And then they share them. And here's what's really cool. Once the video is made, it costs you basically nothing to duplicate it. Video is NOT like a pizza, because once you eat a pizza it's gone. If you want anything more, you have to make a whole new pizza! But with video, once it's been made, it costs the same whether a few people watch it or if it goes viral!

Perhaps you've seen the Dollar Shave Club video? Within the first 48 hours of posting, that video had 14 million views and 12-thousand orders placed. Pretty amazing, and all with one video and a good creative message. That's what we call 'great client acquisition cost.' 

Video Helps Put a Face to Your Business
People don't do business with businesses. They do business with people! A video provides your unique chance to show your character and personality, and that gives people a better chance to know you, build a strong relationship with you, and, ultimately, enjoy doing business with you. 

And THAT is how video grows business. Like a seed. Have we said that before?

Hunter Smith