What Should You Not Do?

What Should You Not Do?

You’ve got your plan, you’ve got your crew, and you’re ready to film. But don’t roll those cameras just yet. Before you start making a commercial, it’s important to know some common mistakes and how to avoid them. Take a listen, and make sure to stay clear of our DO NOT list. 

Do not forget to plan ahead. 

Pre production plays a critical role in making a commercial. Make sure that you don’t roll onto a set for shooting without a plan. Having a clear plan, including a script and shot list, will make the day run smoothly. 

Do not trust just any talent. 

Make sure you know that people you’re working with actually have the talent to do what they’re doing. It may seem easy to get up in front of a camera, but acting is harder than it looks. Even the most charismatic person may freeze up behind the camera, so make sure to carefully select your talent. 

Do not forget to get permission. 

If you’re shooting on a location you don’t own, make sure you have the right to be there. This may require a written contract, a verbal agreement, or otherwise. Whatever it may be, make sure you have permission to film. 

Do not copyright songs. 

In post production, don’t just take your favorite song off of a CD. In order to avoid thousands of dollars in fines, it is important to obtain the correct licensing to use music.

Do not count on available light. 

The lighting in a room may seem nice at first glance, but that doesn’t mean it will look good on camera. Not to mention you need good lighting from multiple angles to avoid shadows and bad shots. Securing and providing additional lighting is important to ensure a quality shot. 

Do not use the camera microphone. 

The microphone on your camera is there for reference to lock your other audio to the video. Nothing else. Additional microphones are required to avoid echoey voices, background noise, and other audio issues. 

Do not rush the process. 

If you get a few hours behind at a shoot, don’t panic. It’s very common for filming to take a few hours longer than most people expect. When you are scheduling out the day, make sure to allot enough time for filming, perhaps an extra day just to be safe. 

These are a lot of mistakes to avoid, yes, but each of these are important things to consider when making a commercial. If all of these details seem overwhelming, don’t worry. We are experienced in making commercials. Let us avoid the mistakes for you! Check out some of our work for yourself, and see how we can work alongside you to create a high-quality commercial for your company. 

Now that you know what not to do, perhaps you’re asking yourself, “What should I do?” Check out our Research Page for our yearly guides, our Podcast Page for weekly news, and our Vlogs for more topical videos. If you’re looking for even more information, drop us a call.

Jessica Nafe