What Is Video Content Marketing?

What Is Video Content Marketing?

If you’re the sort of person that likes to keep up with the latest marketing jargon and trends, then you’ve certainly heard of content marketing. The hottest buzzwords always bubble to the top, after all. So what’s the big deal? We’re answering that, what it is, and why you might want to start introducing video content marketing into your content marketing strategy.

The What

Video content marketing takes a tried-and-true industry principle (positive association) and applies it to a grander scale within a specific medium, namely (and obviously) video.

Remember the days before YouTube ads? It’s entirely possible you don’t. It’s entirely feasible you may not have even been alive. 

Interrupt advertising rarely rises above the low bar of not being obnoxious, and YouTube is no exception. But YouTube is where the eyeballs are, so it’s also where the advertisers (you) have to be. And you get ignored, skipped, and clicked away from, all while doing little to endear the viewers to your brand. 

Video content marketing asks, instead of being the ad interrupt the video the viewer is trying to watch, why not actually be the video the viewer is watching? Be the hottest YouTube channel, the most talked about TV show, the next big summer blockbuster. These days the idea is more than experimental; it’s cutting edge. 


Red Bull

Turkish Airlines


How To Get Started

When developing your content marketing strategy, it may be wise to bring in a content marketing agency that can point you towards the medium or platform that is most viable for your brand. If video is the right fit for you, you’ll need a video marketing strategy (which we can help you with here), one that focuses specifically on video SEO and content marketing SEO.

You’ll need to find the happy medium between what your audience (i.e., your customers) want to watch and what you can produce. For instance, everyone loves Marvel super hero movies, but no brand wants to shell out $350 million dollars to make one. 

Fortunately because of institutions like social media and OTTs, video is becoming cheaper to distribute and easier to target. This allows potential creators to focus in on niche audience needs, like with B2B content marketing, which looks to interact with a very specific group of people doing a specific job in a specific industry. 

Content marketing is either information-driven or entertainment-driven, so once you have an audience and a platform determined, you’ll need to pick a direction that best serves the community you want to foster. 

The Result

Community is the most important part of content marketing. Ideally, conversation will be generated by your content, making it valuable for sharing around with other people inside your targeted sales demographic. This community is where you cultivate advocates and gather trustworthy feedback, two intangibles that then in turn further strengthen your brand.

So in review, video content marketing: 

- Provides value 

- Doesn’t interrupt potential customers

- Can be cheaper

- Can be easier to target

- Builds a community

What’s not to love?  

If you’re looking for more resources as you branch out into video marketing, be sure to check out our Research Page for our yearly guides, our Podcast Page for weekly news, and our Vlogs for more topical videos.

Hunter Smith