Video Editing Tips

Video Editing Tips

If you’ve got a video you need edited, or if you’re curious how to edit videos, it’s important to start by understanding the process.  

When the footage comes back from being shot, there’s almost always way more footage than you need. It needs to be logged and sorted

A great rule of thumb when video editing is however many minutes (or hours) of footage you have, it will take at least double that many minutes to edit it. Everything you shot has to be watched, reviewed, and categorized before it can even be dropped onto the editing timeline. 

As you go through and make your selections from the footage, it’s vital to keep in mind your main message of the piece. Determining which clips and cuts are the best should always center around how it supports the greater needs of the overall video, especially when dealing with video marketing content. 

Once you have the pieces you need, and have laid them out in the order that makes the most sense (we call this “Picture Lock”), you add in sound design and music elements. From here, your edit is refined further according to these additions (i.e., making cuts to the beat of the music, etc.) to bring cohesiveness to the piece. 

If your final video has any animated elements, like logos or lower-thirds, now is the time to add them. 

Finally, you can bring your nearly finished piece into a coloring software and fix the little details like glare, skin warmth, and backgrounds. 

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Hunter Smith